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So many building blocks of the IndieWeb exist on @Glitch. Small projects and tutorials that can help folks seize back control of the web.

I have a dream that a young developer, journalist, or my little brother can one day come to @glitch and find all the parts needed to launch a blog with the proper markup and webmention tools to play with the rest of us.

I personally would love to spin up my first CMS by finding and remixing a bunch of different tutorials I find on @glitch.

So I decided to try and curate all of the available projects to find out what we still need to bring someone who may know a little html and development from @glitch onto their own domain with an #IndieWeb blog:

If you know of any other projects I should include please let me know. I did not include any number of the CMS, build-a-blog, or storage projects on @glitvh but many may become essential.

If you want to help contribute to the Glitch library so we can get more #IndieWeb building blocks just start hacking away and let us all know.

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