Forget Searching for Time. Where are the ideas?

Greg McVerry

Greg McVerry is a teacher, researcher and scholar at Southern Connecticut State University.

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  1. Thanks for the tips and suggestions, Greg. I like to think one way in is trying a mix of brief, quick posts. I’ve always maintained that the basic steps of blogging are no different from email (open software, write a subject, type a few paragraphs, maybe add link, attachment, and click a button). We spend a lot of time doing email. Writing a blog post is just one message… to the world.

    The key is, you are going to put time into something who’s value wont show up right away. It becomes a bit of a leap of faith, which is way I stress so much the reading, commenting, and sharing forward of new bloggers work (which you do so well, I keep looking at new DMLCommons posts and am happy to see yours already there).

    And why not make it fun? When I hear “Where do I find the time for it?” the answer seems to be “pry time from something else” — TV, games, facebook, sleep, eating, combing your cat, doing taxes (ok do not skip that. Time is always there.

    • Greg McVerry says:

      Thanks. I was also playing with your idea of fooling around with publishing dates. Realized just by swtiching categories I can share my archives.

      Lindy asked me where I was finding the time to write. I was cheating. I just resurfaced old posts by renaming them with the #dmlcommons category.

      Wanted to say you and Jim (and whoever is helping) are getting better and better at building the rss hub. This iteration is the best to date.


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