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<span class='p-name'>NetGeneration or iGeneration and the death of email</span> 0

NetGeneration or iGeneration and the death of email

span style="font-weight:bold;">Is Email DeadIn a recent article, quickly making its rounds across the internet, Brad Stone discusses the emergence of mini-generational gaps when it comes to technology.I agree in many ways. AOL Instant Messenger launched when I was in college. My peers quickly adapted to the new tool. I, however, was a latecomer to Facebook.…
<span class='p-name'>Reflections on NCTE Blogging Session</span> 0

Reflections on NCTE Blogging Session

This year was our third session on blogging at NCTE. Each year provides us with new insights. Overall my general impression is that teachers want to blog (yipee!!), but are unsure of their purpose, and have little idea of how to use formative assessment to inform their practice. To that end we had a lively…