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Community: The Only Path to Open Education

This past week I helped all of us celebrate Open Education Week. I joined Teachers Talking Teachers, participated in the Mozilla webmaker challenges, joined the Teacher badges Alliance, and engaged with many of you on social media. I am left with one overarching theme. You cannot have Open Ed without community. You cannot have open…

Poetry from #walkmyworld

Writers take risks. We hide our dreams and amplify our misgivings in the open; in our words. As a teacher of those who teach writing I want to take the journey that I encourage others to endure. So I share my poetry from #walkmyworld. It is not to simply enough to model the writing process.…
<span class='p-name'>The Day I Quit Coding</span> 1

The Day I Quit Coding

It's amazing how the smallest comments can have large impacts on ones life. I once spent hours coding and then just I simply quit. The year was 1987. I ¬†stood as a scrawny 6th grader in fron of a class getting ready to demonstrate a progam I created in BASIC. The computer I used was…