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Online Collaborative Inquiry= A Multimodal Remix 0

Online Collaborative Inquiry= A Multimodal Remix

In our connected course we spent two weeks delving into the idea of online collaborative inquiry. What does it mean to live and learn in a network society? Hoe does trust and network fluency affect how we learn? I have remixed the assigned readings from our class into a video response. To do this I…

My Why- Maker Monday Challenge #ccourses

Before I enrolled in #ccourses (if one can enroll in a community of those who share your philosophy) I strived to bring much of what I have learned from lurking around Connected Learning spaces and  our efforts to develop the Web Literacy Map into my new class EDU 106 (yes the 106 is a h/t to…
Joining Connected Courses 0

Joining Connected Courses

Never Open but Always Moving I am amazed at the brainpower involved in the creating and running of connected courses. When I look at the people page I see the faces of so many colleagues that have taught me and friends I enjoy, but all folks I have never met. This idea of open has…