Goals for my writing (Emma Schober EDU 307)
Some of my goals for writing, is that I wish to write my thoughts and what I want to say, but in a coherent sentence. I also hope to find a common thread for all my ideas, so that my ideas can conn…
Do not mistake length with organization or quality. Word counts distort good writing. The challenge lies in using the exact number of words needed. Not one less or more.

What professors want instead of volume is an organized piece of writing. Use headings and other affordances of writing. Remember, white space is your friend.

Paragraphs are essential. Keep each wrapped around a specific idea. Group these paragraphs under headings. The goal is to provide a map of meaning for readers that they do not have to infer.

You want to have an explicit organization for readers, but also do it with a little bit of dazzle. You are correct. Sentence variety and and transitions are important tools in our chest. Keep some short. Other times we may flip the predicate or combine sentences together.

Our transitions have to combine organized writing in creative ways so you do not bore your audience with tales of, “In this piece I am going too..” Look back at this comment. You will always find a connection between two words. One in the last sentence and the other in the first. less or more=volume, map of meaning=explicit organization.

We will explore all of these techniques in our class.

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