Stoked to try out CROWDLAAERS, can it work with private groups?

What @wiobyrne and I are trying to get at in priority

  • How do you remix annotations: single, from multiple users, multiple sources, and multiple documents into a new post, on WordPress in the most frictionless and accessible to student way possible.
  • Could a like storify UI be possible? If you read through thread I think so. Be great for individual feedback. Simple Search, click to select annotation, add a choice for blank text or html field, take advantage of CSS Grid for 2-3 layout choices. I need to mock it up.
  • Further down, way further, thinking about how it plays with #IndieWeb. Instead of trying to strip away JSON-RDF and then playing with injecting microformats, many still experimental, just ignore it and let the parsers handle both or ignore either. I like mf2. The learning stuff in has gotten stupid complex. Metdata for all=metadata for nothing. In the end nobody is consuming either really…though CROWDLAAERS does provide a northern light. Nice job.

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