Using Avatars as an Inquiry Tool in Social Studies (
For today’s digital text and tool session at the GIS Institute we will be examining ways to develop bias avatars to teach sourcing skills. The steps we will take Brainstorm list of sourcing skills Go to CSS Identify skills Go to C3 Identify skills Propose Codebook Annotate website(s) using our cod...
Your next task is to:

  • Choose a Topic From your Subject Area
  • Find a Primary or Secondary Source
  • Create an Avatar from Voki that really agrees or disagrees with that source
  • Use the list of skills needed for sourcing have them for example identify and attack an author, they could deify the source of evidence and claims.
  • You could have an author of a primary document explain the textual moves they made. For example find a letter from Ben Franklin to France and have him explain his purpose and craft.

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