Any Good Blogroll Plugins for WordPress? by Brad Brad (Brad Enslen)
Does anyone have a recommendation for a good blogroll plugin for WordPress? I’ve looked at Indieweb blogroll solutions and there are some really good implementations.  I really like Colin Walker’s directory of people who have commented via webmention.  It would be great to aid blog discovery a...

I didn’t find one, but I don’t use plugins that are 2-3 versions out of date. I am sure many will still work, why not just do it manually with an html widget? I did add a webring specifically for WordPress IndieWeb people you are welcome to join.

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  1. Greg, thanks for the response! I’m currently looking at 2 plugins: 1 appears to reactivate the depreciated Links function in WP. Unfortunately that plugin is out of date. 2. Supplies shortcode capability to display those links on a page.

    WP sure doesn’t make anything easy! 🙂

    1. I’ve done that. I was looking for a little more automation. I’m thinking that just reactivating the links function will only automate putting things in alphabetical order! 🙂
      BTW I get an error message when I hit Post on commenting here.

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