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Replied to In reply to: Intertextrevolution Thanks for the kind response. I’ll answer here your webmention reply didn’t show on my site. I’m sure I probably have a setting for that wrong somewhere. ? You are right, WordPress is a handful to get set up. If you add in the Indieweb stuff it be...
I do not think you have the #IndieWeb webmentions plug in installed. I would see a box below to add my post as a webmention. If you want to spend ten minutes doing a tune up I would be happy to poke around. Just hit me up in chat anytime.

Rest assured we are taking the documentation issue seriously. Here is the UX research I have started. https://indieweb.org/WordPress/Onboarding

The first step to good documentation is user research both through dogfooding but also through research,

Collecting user stories from users at different levels and doing cognitive labs with new users.

You would be in quite the sweet spot as someone who has struggled with documentation to interview for the study.

In terms off your FAQ and what happens to bridgy when I started working on this and trying each case: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19l28iCNAcMiwL2Tpko0GhiLVAVyl9DPltNS8ZvumwoE/edit#gid=0 Once you get SemPress 100% setup you could do the same as a way of contributing as well.

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